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Easily add posts, pages, images and videos to your site without any technical knowledge. Galleries, forums, e-commerce stores, memberships and other special additions are available through tens of thousands of plugins. Many are free, and many offer pro versions with enhanced capabilities. Of course, our sites are responsive to different devices and screen sizes for best viewing.

Get a new custom website starting at just $499*

Site Includes…

  • Custom Theme
  • Home Page
  • 2 Additional Pages
  • Blog
  • Training

Add a store, gallery, memberships and more.
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Great images and graphics are critical to a website’s success. In today’s world we expect engaging visuals in what we encounter on a day-to-day basis. At kahonua we create images, graphics and videos that get the job done with style that draws immediate attention. Be sure to capture your viewers interest with dynamic graphics, imagery and design.

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* You will need a Domain Name and Web Hosting. If you don’t already have these we recommend A2 Hosting. Either way we are happy to assist you as part of your new website.

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